2023-07-30 16:33 GMT+2

This secta was founded in 20'23 like a reaction to independency
of independency!

Original Mc in hack from pack!

... by this way is showen reality of beliave! By this way we must be prepared to life in kataclisma, not Eden. We must think about it and not run away before it. Tits

[2023-08-09 20:49 GMT+2]
in the town of the snow,
is living one foul,
is from a hack,
inside a Mc,

[2023-08-12 00:23 GMT+2]
to today devil's Christianity!!! ;o)

[2023-08-22 09:40 GMT+2]
For everybody to be a nobody in this body, Bady!
Saint Ludmila

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E-mail: sir.vojtech@kan-li.cz

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