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.A. 8oB

2023-11-25 19:30 GMT+1

This secta was founded in 20'23 like a reaction to independency
of independency!

... in case of call to U.S., to real freedom, please, make on your permanent memories this tree
of dirrectories from root...
.local - .#$
.local - .eny
.local - .mantras
.local - .o)
.local - .penny
... in case of good work with files in your mobile handy is app. Total Commander free from Google Play. Photographs, please, move or rename to inc. folder. Use ones what is not recognised for your memories. Be good worker with cheaf-feel and sometimes, something. Just good karma is enough, everything else comes back to U.S. Reincarnation...


In the case of personal or (if you are something on the internet) public mantra creation or setting up write down to your terminals exept the error...:
install xx.exe,....exe (installed order ... = through-rooting of an ex-orders - for example (... 'locals'ALL))
xx register_mantras_local as {yourNick_starting#ofphotoinlinetonextstartat(.local\.mantras\.yourNick_(_)) / profiphoto,pls,yourNick_101/0666}


In the case of child invoncement or selling SW info, please, set up on your terminal, more backwards...:
install 120+
>> register locals on at anthropo120p/spec:income_emishi_whiterider_{your_nick}/inside:{#driving_licence_or_citizen_card_or_passport}_o{1/2/o-child/SW/both}o surly_codeNAMEpp-003009-051001-041011-007009-004004-081041-001004-005000-051011-000091-071031-004091-091005-021002-071081-005061-011041-001003-091091-005008-041011-081004-061081-009005-006001-006091-003008-001009-005051-001008-091004-011005-091001-003006-031002-000051-006021-004006-041091-003001-8b8tg:4m26ar.e182Ti8

Contact: +420 605 599 888


20'23 MICKEYsoftware for AssisinCOBRAS